Benchmark International Services

To Inspire, To Influence, To Impact

About us

Benchmark International is an organization providing quality academic qualifications for students through bridging their services in between the Educational service providers and with the affiliated body. Benchmark is developed in accordance with mediating with best educational institutions among the Nation and in providing qualifications that meet the changing education and career choices of young people all over the Nation.

The main aim of the organization is to provide a wide range of quality of service to the aspiring students who wish to complete their academic and professional programs. It also supports the Educational service providers by bridging linkage between potential customers who wish to gain level of qualification with both Local and Global Affiliated Partner in accordance with an assured academic and professional advancement.

Our Mission

The mission of Benchmark International is to meet the Academic and professional development needs of students within the region by offering quality academic programmers delivered locally and recognized globally. Thus, EdHat International programmers provide new pathways for study and career progression at home or at an EdHat partner/ affiliated university global campus.

Our Vision

EdHat International programmers are delivered through a network of accredited partner institutions and colleges. By working only with accredited partner institutions, EdHat ensures to deliver exceptionally high academic standards in its qualifications. The EdHat quality control board monitors and evaluates the teaching staff, learning methods, facilities, resources, the academic and pastoral support extended to students and the facilities of each accredited centre.


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